QuickBooks Online Business Validation Error


There are many reasons why you would receive a business validation error. These errors include issues with multi-currency and tax code mapping.

Tax Code Mapping

If you change the name of a QuickBooks tax code and Connex maps to it, then this error could occur. Login to Connex. Click manage and expand sales tax. Ensure all your tax code mappings are correct.

QuickBooks Multi-Currency

If you use QuickBooks multi-currency, ensure that the incoming order and customer currency code in QuickBooks are identical. To find the currency code, open a customer in QuickBooks:

Multi-currency tips and tricks | QuickBooks

If you use Amazon US and your Amazon customer's home currency is AUD, you need to sync orders to another customer:

    • Click manage on our configure page.
    • Expand customer > customer matching.
    • In the single name customer field, enter Amazon Summary 2. Connex will make a new customer with the home currency code USD.
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