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 How to sync orders from Stripe to QuickBooks

Can Connex sync orders from Stripe to QuickBooks?

Yes, Connex can sync orders to QuickBooks. However, we receive limited information from Stripe since it is a payment processor, therefore we recommend syncing with your online store directly. 

How do I get started?

You must login to Stripe through our app, then configure your settings. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. On the Connex dashboard, click add connection.
  3. Choose Stripe.
  4. Click the submit button
  5. When prompted, click continue to login to Stripe through Connex.
  6. Click the button to pair our app.
  7. Complete the Connex install wizard.

For detailed information, please see this article.

What information can Connex send to QuickBooks? 

In many cases, Stripe fails to receive the SKUs on an order. As a result, Connex has no order details. You will see a line item called StripeTotal in QuickBooks. Here is what our system receives:

  • Order Item Total
  • Order Total Tax
  • Order Billing and Shipping Address
  • Card Holder Name

If you need order details, we recommend syncing with your online store directly. Here is a list of our supported platforms.

As a workaround, you can map the unit price to the name field in QuickBooks.

If your website is custom, you can customize the Stripe API invoice object to send the SKUs. You could also change the description on the order. Our tool can map products by description or price:

Can I sync invoices instead of credit card charges? 

Yes, you can sync the invoices instead of the credit card charges:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand orders.
  4. Expand sync manually to QuickBooks.
  5. In the order status field, enter invoiced.
  6. Click save.

Do you support ACH payments?

Yes, the order number will start with py_ and they appear in QuickBooks on the day funds were transferred.

Location Mapping

You can easily map the Stripe order description field to the QuickBooks Online location area. At the configure page, go to the field mapping tab. Choose description. 

Stripe Fees

Connex can add credit card fees on each order. For more details, read these instructions.


 How to sync orders from QuickBooks to Stripe

Connex can sync invoices to Stripe and Stripe will send electronic payment instructions to customers. Once the customer pays the invoice, Connex will sync the payment to QuickBooks.

Can Connex automatically match sales and deposits using the match deposits tool?

Each morning, Connex will locate sales from Stripe that Connex synced to QuickBooks. Each sale Connex syncs contains the Stripe reference number. Connex will add the fees to each deposit. To enable this feature, select match deposits on the left of the configure page. For more details, read this article.


Should I sync with Stripe or my website?

In some cases, our client's website is missing code to send Stripe order details. We recommend syncing with your website directly if it is one of our supported platforms.


How do I test with the connection?

Connex can sync no transactions made in the Stripe testing mode. Create some live transactions for a dollar. Do not cancel them.

Do I need an admin Stripe account?

Yes, you must pair with the admin Stripe account. When you login, click your email on the top right. Click account settings. The screen should look like this image.


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