What settings are available for summary orders?

Where do I find them?

They are located on our configure page. Expand orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > summary sale.

What function do these settings perform?

Here is a list:

Name Function Example
Group Summary Transactions You can group the summary by order date month, fulfillment or selling channel, or payment method.  You could have one summary sales receipt for August and another for September. If you use ShipStation and you have multiple selling channels, you could have one summary per channel.
Merge Refunds with Summary Takes all refunds and adds them as line items with negative quantities on the summary. Makes matching deposits easier, since one transaction matches the amount from your bank. 
Show date range for summary order sync, instead of deposit date Used, if a user wants to summarize more than a day at a time. Not used with Amazon.  You want to summarize sales from the first to the fifth of the month. When inactive, you can only sync a day at a time.
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