How do I map sales tax codes to QuickBooks Online?


Connex for QuickBooks allows you to match existing QuickBooks tax codes based on the city, county, or state to QuickBooks. Connex supports QuickBooks Canada and the UK. This allows for easy management and reporting of sales tax payable in QuickBooks.

How do I map U.S. tax codes?

QuickBooks AST

For many users, automatic sales tax mapping is enabled in QuickBooks. This means Connex will send QuickBooks the total tax on the order. Then, QuickBooks will decide the proper tax code to add. Our software will detect whether AST is enabled and no settings change is required on Connex. During the QuickBooks install, you can set up AST. Here is an example order with tax:

Automated Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online

Map Tax Codes in Connex

Now that we have some tax codes, for U.S. customers, let's map existing QuickBooks sales tax codes:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand orders.
  4. Expand sync orders to QuickBooks.
  5. Expand sales tax.
  6. Next, click +Add New Code:Sales_tax_1.png
  7. Select the appropriate code from the drop-down and fill the remaining fields:Sales_tax_2.PNG

  8. When finished, click Update - congratulations, the code is now mapped. This is what it will look like:sales_tax_3.PNG

  9. Next, map any additional required codes via the instructions above.

  10. When complete, click Save Settings and Sync Now on the bottom right.

I use QuickBooks Canada. How do I map tax?

The process is the same as the U.S. tax codes. There is no need to map city or county. You can map a code, region, and enter CA as the country. If your region has multiple rates, then map a tax code that has multiple rates. It will look similar to this:Canadian_Tax_Code.JPG

If you map no tax code, then Connex will apply exempt to the order.

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