How do I map order templates to QuickBooks Desktop?

How do I map order templates to QuickBooks Desktop?

On QuickBooks transactions, such as sales orders, you can hide and show certain fields. You can change labels and the field location in QuickBooks. You can save all of these changes under a template. You could have an order template for Amazon sales, but a different template for eBay sales.

How does this field map?

Here is a screenshot of an example sales order:


How do I assign templates?

Be careful to map a sales order template to a sales order. If you change the name of remove a template in QuickBooks, then you will receive a sync failure.

To map the fields, here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand orders.
  4. Expand sync orders to QuickBooks.
  5. Expand transaction.
  6. Make the change: mceclip0.png
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