Where can I find a changelog or release notes?

Where can I find a changelog or release notes?

A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes or updates made to a given project or software product. Similar to release notes, which documents everything that will be included within the next scheduled release (version) of software.

The Sync with Connex engineering team publishes a changelog once per week that includes the following:

  • What's New - New features and functionality that is coming soon, in beta testing, or newly released.
  • Updates - This denotes updates, improvements, optimizations, or enhancements that we have made to specific features, functionality, or area's of the software. 
  • Bug Fixes - This section covers bugs and issues that our engineering team has repaired over the course of the past week, whether discovered by us or by our customer's.

The changelog is published once per week via our Software Status Page

 Pro Tip

Subscribe to our software status page and receive updates direct to your email inbox whenever the changelog is published or an incident is reported or solved.

Here's an example of a changelog published to our software status page:


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