Why does Connex fail to update tracking numbers in QuickBooks Desktop?

This guide will describe common reasons why Connex fails to update QuickBooks orders with tracking details, after you ship an order.

Log Errors
Log into Connex. On the left, click log. Search for the order number. Are there any error messages?
ShipStation Manual Shipments
In ShipStation, you can mark an order as shipped without actually shipping the item. For more info on manual shipments in ShipStation, read this guide. To tell manual shipments apart, open an order. On the top right, you will see tracking details. Unless you print a shipping label from ShipStation, our software sees no tracking details:V3_ORD_ShippedGrid_TrackingSidebar_MRK.png
Log into ShipStation and click fulfillments. Do you see your orders in that tab? If so, log into Connex. Click manage. Expand orders, sync orders to QuickBooks, sync manually to QuickBooks. In the order status field, add shipped and fulfilled.
Log into Connex. Click manage. Expand orders, sync orders from QuickBooks, sync settings. Expand orders, sync orders to QuickBooks, transaction. Ensure the mode matches what you sync from QuickBooks. Expand sync manually to QuickBooks. Ensure the field is clear or if it is not clear, ensure the manual orders store is selected: mceclip1.png Enable sync orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation and update QuickBooks transaction with tracking info only:mceclip0.png
Web Connector
For Desktop users, log into QuickBooks as admin. Go to file and click update web services. Check the box to the left of Connex and click update selected. Many users close the web connector, instead of minimizing it.
Single User Mode Admin
Log into QuickBooks as admin. Go to file and click single user mode. Resync your orders. At times, QuickBooks can lock up and our tool can make no updates. Ensure no users are running reports in QuickBooks, during the sync.
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