Error: There is no disk in the drive


When an attempt is made to launch the QuickBooks Web Connector, the below given error message appears and prompts the user with the option to click on CancelTry Again, or Continue.

QBWebConnector There is no disk in the drive.


This error usually occurs if a previous version of the QuickBooks Web Connector is installed on the computer is corrupt or may have stopped with and error message during an update or while being uninstalled.


Fully uninstall all versions of the QuickBooks Web Connector on the affected computer. 

If you are unable to uninstall the previous versions of QuickBooks Web Connector through Add or Remove programs in Windows then you may have to use any third party utility (available on the internet) to uninstall it. Select a tool that would completely uninstall the software, making sure all files related to QuickBooks Web Connector are uninstalled from the computer. In addition, make sure all details regarding QuickBooks Web Connector is removed from the Windows Registry as well (caution: If you're not familiar with navigating the Windows Registry, consult an IT professional).

After uninstalling all the versions of QuickBooks Web Connector, download and install the latest version of the Web Connector from Intuit; or, if you've not already, update to the latest version of QuickBooks.

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