Error beginning QuickBooks session


When trying to run the QuickBooks Web Connector, the Web Connector returns the following error message:

Error beginning Quickbooks session. If the Quickbooks company data file is not open, a call to the "BeginSession" Method must include the name of the data file.


This error may occur if the QuickBooks company file is not open at the time the Web Connector is run; or if there is a communication problem between the Web Connector and the QuickBooks company file.


As the possible causes of this problem can vary, please try the solutions indicated below in order until the problem is solved:

  1. Apply all Intuit updates to the computer upon which you use QuickBooks. For example: Ensure QuickBooks is the latest version. This likewise includes the latest version of the Web Connector.
  2. Within QuickBooks, login as the Admin user and switch to single-user mode. Go to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences and delete the Connex certificate reference there. Close all of those screens but remain in QuickBooks as the admin in single user mode and try to re-pair the Connex QWC file. A new QuickBooks Integration Certificate will appear: allow it to 'Yes, always' connect, select the Admin user as the login user. Click Continue and then Done.
  3. In QuickBooks, login as the Admin user and switch to single-user mode. Click on File > Utilities > Rebuild Data. Intuit recommends performing the rebuild data process three times in a row for the best possible results. NOTE: Performing this action is taken at your risk. Always backup your company file prior to making any major changes.
  4. If the QuickBooks data file resides locally (versus a server), ensure that QuickBooks is logging into it's company file locally and not through a mapped drive. Mapped drives are only required on workstations and using a mapped drive on a different machine can cause issues.
  5. If you have a network of machines and/or use local servers and workstations, the location of the QuickBooks database may be in a directory that is not being shared properly and may not have full read/write permissions available. This can be tested out by moving the QWC file to a more standardized location and retesting the access.
  6. If the problem persists, perform a full uninstall of the QuickBooks application. Reinstall both programs, reapply all Intuit updates and retest.
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