Error: Authentication Failed, Max Connection Retries Exceeded


When running any Connex integration via the QuickBooks Web Connector, you encounter error message "Max Connection Retries Exceeded."



This error message indicates that a different (incorrect) QuickBooks company file is opened from the expected file and/or the QuickBooks company file was recently altered, edited, rebuilt, or renamed.


To remedy this issue, you'll need to verify that the company file is correct. Furthermore, in QuickBooks, ensure that the correct company file is open when the Web Connector is run. For more information regarding verifying the company file path, please click here.

Alternatively, you may need to download and apply a new QWC pairing file to the Web Connector.

Verify the QuickBooks company file path

  1. Login to Connex Desktop. At the My Connections page, click Manage on the right-hand side.
  2. Expand the Transaction drop-down. Note the company file path with which Connex is integrated.
  3. In QuickBooks, press the "F2" key. Compare the company file paths - are they identical?
  4. If the file paths do not match, copy the company file path in QuickBooks; paste the correct path within Connex and save the change.
  5. Finally, wait 15 minutes, then try running the Web Connector again.

Updating the Web Connector QWC File

First, Login to Connex Desktop. At the My Connections page, click Manage on the right-hand side. Next, on the left-hand side, click Download Pairing File.


Finally, please refer to this guide regarding how to apply the QWC file to the QuickBooks Web Connector: Connex for QuickBooks Set-up

Note: While installing QWC file into the QuickBooks Web Connector, you will encounter a prompt indicating the application already exists. You will need to click OK to replace the previous application with the newly downloaded QWC file.


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