How should I sync orders from QuickBooks?

What is the recommended address format?

We recommend opening the customer record and completing the email, phone, and address. Create new order and fields pre-populate. A common mistake is leaving the billing or shipping address field blank. Other timers, users just add a customer name.

Should I add the country?

Country not required for United States. If you add the country, add the two letter ISO: CA for Canada and GB for Great Britain.

Should I mark up shipping?

You can add a rule that adds a percent or a dollar amount to shipping. You could say if the amount is greater than $50, then add 10%. You could add a line item for the fee. For more info, read this guide.

Should I filter sales?

You can filter by class, which is enabled by default. We highly recommend class, but other fields can be easily compared. You can add a rule that says if the QuickBooks order field has a certain value, then exclude it.

Do you have a demo?

Here are the slides and here is the demo:

Orders From QuickBooks from Joseph Anderson on Vimeo.

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