What are the best practices with QuickBooks?

Should I use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Online is ideal, if you have multiple users. It is easier to access. There is no need to upgrade QuickBooks. Our company can resolve many support tickets faster and more accurately, since we can see the data in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Desktop offers more financial reports, support for sales orders, and is a better inventory management solution. If you manage inventory, you will likely need a 3rd party plugin for QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop files can be backed up and restored, though QuickBooks Online has some apps that back up and restore apps for a fee. QuickBooks Desktop offers more functionality, but it is more difficult to maintain and more difficult to sync. Our staff has no direct access to QuickBooks Desktop. In many cases, we ask for screenshots or schedule calls.

If I upgrade QuickBooks, do I need to update Connex?

No, there is no need to change Connex. You should uninstall older versions of QuickBooks. You should have one version on your machine.

If I have multiple users in QuickBooks Desktop, how should I sync?

We recommend adding users to the full users role:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to company > set-up users and roles.
  2. Click the user.
  3. Click edit.
  4. Set the assigned roles to full access.

If you are unable to grant this role, copy the permissions of the full access role. The user must have read and create permission on orders and items.

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