QuickBooks can't start because QuickBooks is already running.

What is the full error message?

QuickBooks can't start because QuickBooks is already running. Only QuickBooks Accountant can open more than one company file.

Why does this happen?

The web connector is looking for a different company file than the one that is open. This error can occur when you change the file location, but fail to update the path in Connex.

How do I remedy this issue?

Here are the steps:

Update Company File Path

  1. In QuickBooks, press F2.
  2. Under file info, copy the company file path:
  3. Login to Connex.
  4. Click manage.
  5. Expand transaction.
  6. In the company file path field, enter the correct file:
  7. Click save.
  8. Close QuickBooks entirely.

Restart Web Connector

  1. If the web connector is still running, right click the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click task manager.
  3. Right click web connector.
  4. Click end task:
  5. Open the web connector.
  6. Check the box to the left of Connex.
  7. Click update selected.
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