There was an error when converting the quantity

How does this error appear?

Here is an example message:

Error 3060 : While trying to Mod a(n) Sales Receipt with name or order number of #284879, QB responded There was an error when converting the quantity "1" in the field "item line quantity". QuickBooks error message: You cannot set the quantity for items of this type.

What does it mean?

Connex tries to add a quantity to each item. This error means the item is of type other charge and accepts no quantity. 

How do I resolve the error?

Most likely, you have changed the item type of a product called TotalOff. This item is added to QuickBooks, if the total from your store and website are different. This usually happens with grouped items, since the item price from QuickBooks is inserted.

  1. In QuickBooks, go to lists and click item list.
  2. Look for an item called TotalOff.
  3. If its type is other charge, switch its type to non-inventory item. This will enable Connex to send a quantity:
  4. Resync your sale.
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