You cannot set the the rate for the given sales tax item line, use the amount field instead

Why does this error occur?

Connex creates an item called SalesTax and its type of sales tax item. Our software assumes that the SalesTax item is of type sales tax item. If SalesTax exists as another item type, such as service, the sync will fail. Connex places the sales tax in a field called amount, instead of rate.

How do I fix the error?

  1. In QuickBooks, go to lists and click item list.
  2. Find the item called SalesTax.
  3. Double click the item.
  4. Change the item name field to SalesTax_Old.
  5. Click item and select new.
  6. Create a new item called SalesTax and change the type to sales tax item: item.jpg
  7. Resync your sale.
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