QuickBooks Desktop Price Level Support

Do you support QuickBooks price levels?

Our software enters the unit price from your e-commerce solution to QuickBooks. If the customer has a price level, the unit price from the online store overrides it.

Should I sync price levels to QuickBooks?

Our software creates a carbon copy of your online sales and syncs them with QuickBooks. Price levels should exist in your website. Whatever the customer pays should sync to QuickBooks.

What are the pros and cons of price levels?

Ideally, you should set-up price levels on your online store. The store and QuickBooks should not have different prices. You can tell Connex to override the price, but you are responsible for recording the difference between your online store and QuickBooks. Here are the steps:

    1. In QuickBooks, go to lists and click price list.
    2. Add a new price list.
    3. Add items and a custom price to the list: 
    4. pr_level.png
    5. Login to Connex.
    6. Click manage on our dashboard.
    7. Expand orders.
    8. Expand price levels.
    9. In the Sync Inventory from QuickBooks Manually Menu or the Advanced Menu, look for the setting "Reduce prices in QuickBooks using this price level"
    10. Choose your price list from the menu (the price list is pulled from your QuickBooks company file): 


8. Sync an order where the product SKU matches the QuickBooks item name. If the item exists if the price list, Connex will override it with the QuickBooks price.

Do you support fixed percentage price levels?

Yes, Connex will multiply the unit price and the percentage. If the price is $2 and the price level is 200%, then Connex will send $4 to your website.

How would I set up price levels in my store?

It varies. Some stores support prices, based on user role. For others, you can use a coupon code. In this example, we will create a coupon code for $10 off Connex for QuickBooks Online:


How do I assign a price level to new customers?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Click configure at my connections.
  3. Under the field mapping tab, change the price level drop down.
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