Company File Rebuild Web Connector Stuck at 68%


Our tool pulls orders by their date modified. If a company file is rebuilt or backed up, QuickBooks can modify several hundred sales. QuickBooks will send many older orders to Connex and our tool will attempt to sync them to QuickBooks.

How do I workaround this error?

Connex can sync orders using the QuickBooks date field, but it should only be used in this scenario. There are two issues:

  1. The date field is MM/DD/YYYY 12:00 AM. If you synced hourly, you would receive the same order.
  2. Our tool fails to see changes to orders.

How do I turn on sync by date created?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand sync orders from QuickBooks.
  4. Check date created:
  5. Click save.
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