Can I ship orders from QuickBooks and update my website?


You can sync orders to QuickBooks, ship them in QuickBooks, then add fulfillment details to your website. Connex will mark the sale as shipped.

Is there a delay?

After the sync has run, it takes about 5 - 10 minutes to process the updates. Please check your log, located on the top right of Connex, for progress. 

Do you support WorldShip?

Yes, Connex can map the shipping details that WorldShip adds to QuickBooks orders. 

How does Connex know how to map the fields?

The ship date field in QuickBooks equals the ship date in your website. Connex will locate the line your shipping solution adds to QuickBooks and map tracking number and ship method. Here is an example sale that shows all fields from QuickBooks.

How do I ship orders from QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, open an order. Click send/ship:


What systems do you support?

Here are a list of systems supporting the update tracking feature:

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Zoey

How do I set-up the integration?

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand sync orders from QuickBooks.
  4. Under types to export, enter sales orders or invoices. Change no other field in this area. This setting will instruct Connex to export a type of sale from QuickBooks.
  5. Expand sync shipping details from QuickBooks manually.
  6. Check the first field, update shipping details.
  7. Click save.
  8. Sync an order to QuickBooks.
  9. Ship the order from QuickBooks.
  10. Run your web connector.
  11. Check your log in five - ten minutes for updates.

Connex will change the order status to shipped and add tracking details. Here is an updated order in Shopify:


I use Bigcommerce. Can you create shipments?

Yes, Connex can sync shipping details to Bigcommerce. Here is an example order


How does Connex know how to locate the order in the website?

If you open an order in Shopify, you will see 10 digits at the end of the URL: 

Connex will add these 10 digits to the QuickBooks other field. If you do not see it, open an order in QuickBooks. Go to formatting and select customize data layout. Next to the other field, click screen. Here is a QuckBooks sale with the other field:



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