How do I reset my chart of accounts ore refresh my drop-downs in Connex?


When you first set-up Connex, the software downloads your chart of accounts, sales reps, tax codes, and other lists. Sometimes, users change their chart of accounts after the file is paired, and these new accounts or choices from the drop downs in Connex are missing. 


If the order contains items that are missing from QuickBooks, the orders will fail to export. Connex cannot create new items, if the accounts on the All Settings page are missing.


To resync, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Go to the Dashboard and find your specific connection. Click "Refresh Drop Downs".
  3. refresh_drop_downs.png
  4. Run the web connector.
  5. In your Connex account, go back to the My Connections page.
  6. Click manage.
  7. Expand any Connex menu and change the dropdown menu selection and click sync now.
  8. Run the web connector to reexport transactions.
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