How do I perform a manual sync from QuickBooks?


There are two ways to resync. You can modify an order or change your sync settings.

Modify Order

If you modify an order in QuickBooks, then our software will resync the sale:

  1. Open the order in QuickBooks.
  2. Add test to the memo field.
  3. Click save.
  4. Login to our software.
  5. Expand manually sync an existing connection.
  6. Select your connection.
  7. If you use Connex for QuickBooks Online click save and sync now. If you use Connex for QuickBooks Desktop, click save.
  8. If you use Connex for QuickBooks, run your web connector.

Sync Settings

You can instruct our software to resync a date range or a list of sales:

  1. Login to our software.
  2. Select your connection and click manage.
  3. To resync a specific sale, expand sync manually to QuickBooks.
  4. In the order list field, enter a comma separated list of numbers to resync: numbers.jpg
  5. For Connex for QuickBooks Online users, click sync and save settings. For Connex users, click submit.
  6. For Connex users, run your web connector. 
  7. There is usually a 3 - 5 minute delay in syncing orders.
  8. On the left of the Connex dashboard, click log to view results.
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