Connex can integrate with the powerful shipping platform ShippingEasy. This guide dives into how to get started with ShippingEasy to integrate with Connex.

IMPORTANT: Paid subscription of ShippingEasy is required. Connex cannot integrate with the trial version of ShippingEasy at this time.

What features are available?

Our software can sync sales from ShippingEasy to QuickBooks, and sales from QuickBooks to ShippingEasy.

How do I pair ShippingEasy?

  1. If you have not already, subscribe to ShippingEasy. Our software can only integrate with paid accounts.
  2. The API credentials needed can by found by going to SETTINGS from the blue navigation bar. 
    Shipping Easy toolbar - settings.PNG

    account settings api credentials.PNG

  4. Here you will find a unique API Key and API Secret for your ShippingEasy account.API Key Secret.PNG
  5. Login to Connex.
  6. On the Connex dashboard, click add connection.
  7. Choose ShippingEasy.
  8. Enter your API key and secret. Leave the connection name field as If you needed a second connection to ShippingEasy, then change the connection name.

Can I filter orders by status?

On our configure page, expand the first section (sync orders to QuickBooks). In the order status field, enter a list of statuses you would like to sync.

I want to sync orders from QuickBooks to ShippingEasy. What are the next steps?

You must create a store inside of ShippingEasy to accept the sales. Information is available under "Store Setup" on this page.

Once complete, login to Connex and set up the ShippingEasy account. Choose sync orders from QuickBooks. On our install wizard, choose the new store that you created.

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