How do I pair Walmart?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Walmart seller account.
  2. On the top right, click the settings gear box.
  3. Under API, click consumer APIs and private keys.
  4. If you see two tabs and one says digital signature, click the digital signature tab. Do not generate a client ID and access token.
  5. Login to our software.
  6. At the my connections page, choose Walmart.
  7. Enter your client ID and secret into the form.
  8. Click submit.

How do the fields match for sales and refunds?

Here are some examples:

Can you sync inventory from QuickBooks to Walmart?

Our software will send recently modified products from QuickBooks to Walmart. Our software matches the QuickBooks item name, manufacturer part number or a QuickBooks custom field to the Walmart product SKU. Updates are sent as an inventory feed. You can see results in your Walmart dashboard under inventory feeds. When Walmart responds with inventory updates, our tool will log failures. Otherwise, the update was successful.

How does the inventory sync work?

Our connector sends the stock updates in batches, like a spreadsheet of updates. With other integrations, such as Shopify, the updates are sent one at a time. Shopify responds with a success or failure message and Connex knows right away the update result. With Walmart, our tool is notified several minutes later:

  1. Connex sends all the updates at once.
  2. Walmart sends an ID number, once the batch is submitted.
  3. Connex saves the ID number.
  4. When you run your sync again, our tool looks up the results of the last update.
  5. Our tool logs the successes and failures.

Can I export a list of shipped orders?

If the orders were shipped on the same day as their creation date, then it will work:

  1. Login to our software.
  2. Select your Walmart integration.
  3. Click manage.
  4. Expand orders.
  5. Expand the first section.
  6. In the order status field, enter shipped.
  7. Click sync now.
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