Can I sync some orders as sales receipts and others as invoices?


Some of our clients sync sales from a shipping solution, like ShipStation. In some cases, the user wants to sync some orders as sales receipts. Other sales, will be unpaid invoices. Connex for QuickBooks allow users to map the transaction mode for certain orders using our rules engine.

How do I set-up the mapping?

First, set-up a catch-all:

  1. Login to either Connex account.
  2. Click the 'manage' button under and existing connection.
  3. Expand the Transaction menu
  4. Choose invoices only from the Transaction Type drop-down.

Orders that fail to meet your criteria will become unpaid invoices. Next, set-up a rule:

  1. On the left of your Connex account, click rules.
  2. Click my rules.
  3. Click add new rule.
  4. Choose start from scratch.
  5. Click next.
  6. In the action field, select map transaction type.
  7. In the rules grid enter selling channel, equals, Amazon: mceclip0.png
  8. In the map to, enter Sales Receipts.
  9. Finish the wizard.
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