Kentico Avalara Entity Use Codes


You can mark customers as tax exempt, based on their email. You must insert the tax exempt customer into Avalara, then pass the email as the customer code.

How do I set-up Kentico to accept entity use codes and federal tax IDs?

In the shopping cart, you must add keys into the shopping cart custom data object:

var fedTaxId = ShoppingCart.ShoppingCartCustomData.GetValue("federaltaxid");
var entityUse = ShoppingCart.ShoppingCartCustomData.GetValue("entityusecode");

Our tool includes a sample shopping cart step with this code. To add the step, follow these instructions:

  1. In Kentico, click the flower on the left.
  2. Enter web parts.
  3. Click web parts.
  4. Expand e-commerce and checkout process.
  5. Click add new.
  6. In the form, enter these values. As the file name, enter Ecommerce/Checkout/Forms/ShoppingCartNonProfit.ascx.
  7. Click save.
  8. In Kentico, click the flower on the left.
  9. Click pages.
  10. Expand special pages and checkout.
  11. Add a new checkout page after the first one:
  12. Click design.
  13. On the right, enter entity.
  14. Drag and drop the entity web part.

Here is the end result:

How do I like federal tax Ids and Avalara?

The Kentico connector sends the customer email as the customer code. When the user enters their federal tax ID, you must have a matching exemption certificate for the customer code. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Avalara admin.
  2. On the top menu, click organization > exemptions.
  3. Click new.
  4. Add a new record by making the customer code and customer email the same. Contact Avalara for specific details on completing the form: 
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