Our tool can sync open orders, on a scheduled and automatic basis, to QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Our tool can group orders by store and currency code.

Which app do I install?

Choose the correct software:

  1. Connex for QuickBooks Online
  2. Connex for QuickBooks Desktop

Once I go to the app, how do I perform the set-up?

  1. On the next page of the Linnworks app, click install. You will see a token field. Copy it. 
  2. Open another browser tab and login to Connex.
  3. On the Connex dashboard, click add connection.
  4. Select Linnworks.
  5. From the last step of the Linnworks install, copy the token into the token field.

Processed and Open Orders

Out of the box, Our tool pulls processed orders into QuickBooks. To pull open orders instead, follow these steps:

  1. On the configure page, choose the 'Sync manually to QuickBooks' Tab.
  2. Leave the order status field empty.
  3. Click save and sync.

How do I group orders by the store name and currency code?

If you sell on multiple channels and currencies, you should group orders by the store and currency. Here is an example set-up:

Amazon USD

 - Order 1

eBay GBP

 - Order 2

On the configure page, select store name and currency as the customer matching mode. Our tool will detect the currency code and add the orders to the store name plus the currency code.

Do you sync purchases from Linnworks to QuickBooks?

Yes, our tool will sync purchase orders as POs with bills. On the configure page, scroll down to purchase settings to enable the feature. Here are some sample transactions:

How do I map the sub source as the store name?

Here are the steps:

  1. On the configure page, expand the customer tab.
  2. Choose store name.
  3. Go to the rules engine by clicking the rules engine link at the top right in our settings.
  4. As the action, choose map store name to QuickBooks.
  5. As the field to compare, choose order source WH.
  6. As the comparison, choose map all.

Does the integration sync refunds?

Your customer must request a refund, send you the goods, and you must action the refund. Refund booking only will sync no refund. For more info, read this guide.

Can I update stock levels from my Accounting solution to Linnworks?

For Connex users, expand sync inventory from QuickBooks. Check update inventory. Choose sync inventory and orders.

To update stock in a certain Linnworks location, follow these steps:

  1. Login to our software.
  2. Click rules engine on the left.
  3. Click add.
  4. Choose map fields conditionally.
  5. This rule will update stock levels at a location called Enchantress:enchant.jpg

Field Mappings that Connex Syncs

These tables display a list of fields that we support and sync from Linnworks.


QuickBooks Linnworks Notes
Address Line 1 Address  
City City  
Company Supplier Name  
Customer Phone Telephone Number Maps from customer record.
Customer Email Email Maps from customer email.
Customer First Name Contact Name If phrase "ATTN" (non case-sensitive) is before the name, Connex will remove it automatically.
Customer Last Name Contact Name  
Region Name Region  
Postal Code Post Code  
Country Name Country (We also map the two letter country code separately)


Order Mappings

QuickBooks Linnworks Notes
Creation Date Date of Purchase  
Modified Date Date of Delivery  
Shipping Date Date of Delivery  
Currency Code Currency  
Order Status Status If order is in "Pending" status, it will sync as a Purchase Order (no changes to inventory as a result).
Vendor Supplier Name  
Order Number External Invoice Number  
Private Note (Memo) Supplier Reference Number  
Store Name Location Name Returns "null" if no location is identified.
Total Tax Tax Paid (Converted to decimal in Connex)
Total Total Cost (Converted to decimal in Connex)


Line Items

QuickBooks Linnworks Notes
Sku SKU  
Name Item Title  
Quantity Quantity  
Amount Cost / Quantity (Calculation done on our end)
Manufacturer Name Supplier Name  
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