Transfer Account QuickBooks Online


We recommend pairing Connex with a generic email, such as accounting or info, because other users can access your account. 

How do I transfer my account?

To transfer your account, follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, click the gear box on top.
  2. Click account and settings:
  3. On the left, click billing & subscription.
  4. Note the company ID.
  5. Contact us with the company ID. We will disconnect the old account and email you.
  6. In QuickBooks, close the account and settings screen.
  7. In QuickBooks, click the gear on top.
  8. Click manage users on the left.
  9. On the right, click add user.
  10. On the next screen, select company admin.
  11. Complete the contact info form.
  12. Confirm the user.
  13. Sign into QuickBooks Online.
  14. Login to Connex using this URL.
  15. If prompted, click the green connect to QuickBooks button and follow the on-screen instructions to pair QuickBooks.
  16. Email us with the new email that you paired. A staff member will transfer your account.
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