Troubleshooting Kentico Avalara No Tax

No Tax

  • Tax is calculated based upon the shipping address. Is the order shipped to a state where your company charges tax? If you charge sales tax in California and the order is shipped to Nevada, then there is no tax.
  • Do you have nexus in the state where the order is shipped?

AvaTax Transactions Missing

  • If you are a Kentico 7 user and you downloaded the connector before January 26, 2015, download the latest files from us. There was a coding issue that affected inserting tax to Avalara.
  • Do you have another order with the same number that exists in Avalara? If so, go to the Kentico Avalara settings page. Under the order prefix, enter KEN. Under the batch transactions form, enter the order number and click submit. Check the AvaTax console again.
  • Go to ~/avalaralog.txt on your website. Do you see any error messages?
  • In Kentico, go to e-commerce > orders. Note the order statuses. Go to configuration > Avalara. Note the insert tax's order status drop down. Do orders ever reach this status? 

    • In your code, go to this file: \App_Code\CMSModules\ECommerce\Samples\SampleECommerceModule.cs.
    • Under the Intit method, confirm that this code exists: OrderInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new JMA.Custom.JMACustomOrderInfoProvider();
    public override void Init()
              ShoppingCartInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new JMA.Custom.JMACustomShoppingCartInfoProvider();
              TaxClassInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new JMA.Custom.JMACustomTaxClassInfoProvider();
              OrderInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new JMA.Custom.JMACustomOrderInfoProvider();
              ClassHelper.OnGetCustomClass += GetCustomClass;


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