How Inventory Syncing Works

How It Works

Here is a sample scenario:

  • After purchase orders or inventory adjustments, QuickBooks Online has inventory items with a quantity on hand. In this example, QuickBooks has an item called redwine with twenty on hand.
  • Connex queries your e-commerce solution for new orders.
  • These orders are inserted into QuickBooks Online. Each order will decrement inventory in QuickBooks.
  • The new inventory is the current amount minus what was ordered. If there was one order for five redwine, you now have fifteen bottles in QuickBooks.
  • Connex queries QuickBooks for recently modified items. An inventory adjustment will update an item, so it will be returned in this query.
  • The number fifteen and the redwine are sent to your e-commerce solution. If the QuickBooks item name and the SKU match, then your e-commerce solution and QuickBooks have the same inventory.


There will always be a delay between QuickBooks and your website. The delay's length depends on several factors:

  • How often does the sync run?
  • How many orders are there to insert into QuickBooks?
  • How many items have been updated in QuickBooks?
  • How long does your website take to update the items?


If you make a refund receipt or credit memo in QuickBooks, the quantity on hand for the item will increase. This new stock will reach your website. 

Where should I enter inventory updates?

If Connex creates a new item in QuickBooks, then Connex will sync its initial quantity to QuickBooks. If you make quantity updates in your website by adjusting the qty on hand, those will not sync to existing items. There are two ways to sync inventory:

Initial Sync

  1. Create new items in QuickBooks and sync the initial quantity.
  2. Decrement the inventory through sales receipts or invoices.


  1. Go to your QuickBooks product list.
  2. Edit an item.
  3. Enter an inventory adjustment.
  4. Connex will sync the adjustments back to WooCommerce.
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