Single Site Set-Up

Connex for QuickBooks Desktop and Connex for QuickBooks Online integrates with a pre-installed module called web services. You must enable the module and generate an API key. Here are the steps:

  1. Enable error logging on your PrestaShop website.
  2. Make sure that mod_rewrite is active on your server. When you access your site, you should see friendly URLs and no query strings. If you can access http://www.[MYSITE].com/api/categories, then URL rewriting is activated.
  3. Login to your PrestaShop admin
  4. Go to advanced parameters > web service.
  5. Under enable PrestaShop's web service and CGI mode, say yes:
  6. On the right, click add new.
  7. Click generate.
  8. Under permissions, check the first box under VIEW GET. All boxes in that column should be checked. To see a screenshot, click here.
  9. Click save.
  10. On the Connex dashboard, click add connection.
  11. Select PrestaShop.
  12. Enter the Web Service Key into the Web Service Key field.
  13. Under URL, enter your store URL.
  14. Leave the password as NA: 


     15. Click Configure

Multi-Store Support

For the URL, enter this value: http://[WEBSITE]/[STORENAME]/api

Here is an example:

If the URL works, you'll be prompted to enter your API Key. Leave the password blank: 

Multi-Site Support

Each site has its own URL and its own endpoint. Imagine these are your URLs:


You need to set-up each website. Here are the steps:

1. Login to Connex.
2. On the next page, choose PrestaShop
3. Follow the steps at the beginning of this article to enable the web service and get the key 
4. As the URL, enter
5. Do the proper settings on the next page.
6. Click save and sync
7. Perform steps 1 - 6 for each site
8. On the left, click autosync
9. Click edit next to each task and enable it.


Connex match the PrestaShop reference field to the QuickBooks item name field.


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