How do I manually sync sales to QuickBooks Online?

How do I manually sync sales to QuickBooks Online?

Connex for QuickBooks can import historical orders by using a date range or a comma-separated list of order numbers.  When using the date range, you must keep the date span to thirty days. 

This can likewise be used to re-sync missing sales or used to help get caught up with historical transactions to QuickBooks Online.

How do I sync certain sales?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. At the Connex Dashboard, select the Manual Sync button for the selling channel you wish to sync.


  3. Select a date range in the pop-up window or enter a comma separated list of specific order numbers to sync.

  4. Click the Sync Now button.

Can I see a log of activity?

Login to Connex. View your Dashboard Orders and Errors windows for syncing activity.

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