Do you support WooCommerce custom fields?

A guide on syncing custom fields to QuickBooks

In this example, we will map the WooCommerce custom field contactmethod to the QuickBooks contact method field:

  1. In WooCommerce, open the order. You will see a list of field names and values, below the order summary.
  2. In QuickBooks, double click the customer record.
  3. Click  additional info.
  4. Note the custom field called contact method:
  5. Login to Connex.
  6. Click rules engine > my rules.
  7. Click add new rule.
  8. Choose map custom field as the template.
  9. Click comparisons.
  10. Enter the WooCommerece field, contactmethod:
  11. Under map to, enter the QuickBooks field Contact Method:
  12. Click finish.
  13. Sync an order to QuickBooks: