Do you support split shipments with ShipStation?

A guide on how we merge these sales

What if I split a shipment and ship both parts on the same day?

If you wait for orders to ship, Connex will merge split shipments into the same order. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow the instructions to sync shipped orders only. This will instruct Connex to sync sales by their ship date.
  2. In ShipStation, split an order.
  3. Do not change the order number in ShipStation for the split shipments.
  4. Create both shipments on the same day. When the shipments sync to Connex, we receive both shipments at the same time. We use this logic to merge the two sales.
  5. In Connex, expand orders.
  6. Expand sync orders manually to QuickBooks.
  7. In the order status field, enter shipped.

What if I split a shipment and I do not ship them on the same day?

Unless they have different order numbers, the other half will fail to sync. You can add a new connection and just sync selling channels that meet this scenario. You must sync sales prior to shipment:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click add connection.
  3. Choose ShipStation.
  4. Enter a name, like WooCommerce ShipStation.
  5. Select sync sales to QuickBooks and finish the wizard.
  6. On our dashboard, click manage.
  7. Under orders to QuickBooks, select the channel to sync.

Can I sync split shipments before they ship?

When you split the sale, you must give the second part a new order number like 100 and 100-1. Connex skips over duplicate sales. 

Can I exclude split shipments from syncing?

If order 60323 already exists in QuickBooks and another 60323 tries to sync, then Connex will skip it. If you split the order and create another sale, such as 60323-1, then 60323-1 will sync as a new sale. Since these orders end with a -1, you can add a rule saying exclude orders ending in -1:
  1.  Log into Connex.
  2. Click rules > my rules on the left dashboard.
  3. Click add.
  4. Choose start from scratch.
  5. As the action, choose do not sync sync sales.
  6. In the comparison, enter these values:
  7. Skip the last step.
  8. Click finish.