Do you support Salesforce price books?

Your products can have different prices per account

When would I want the same product to have different prices?

Imagine you sold your products on wholesale and retail. Your wholesales buy in bulk and receive a 20% discount. In QuickBooks, this feature is known as price levels. In Salesforce, it's known as a price book.

How do I add a different price book per account?

Connex will create a field called account price book on the account object, once you install our custom package. Add the desired price book for the account:

How do the fields map?

If you sync a sale from QuickBooks to Salesforce, Connex will use the Salesforce standard price book by default. Each price book contains a list of products and their unit price. Connex will map the price book unit price as the Salesforce order price.

Here is an example from the Salesforce price book:

Even if your QuickBooks sale had a different price, Connex would still map $250 because the price book says $250.

What if the product is missing?

If the product is missing from Salesforce, then Connex will create it. Connex will add the price from QuickBooks to the standard price book.