Sales Tax

Do you support QuickBooks global?

How Connex works with QuickBooks Global


Connex for QuickBooks Online was one of the first QuickBooks Online apps to support QuickBooks outside the U.S. In many countries, there are two tax codes; one for tax and one for no tax. In this example, we will map tax codes for QuickBooks Online Colombia. This guide can also be used for mapping tax codes in Europe outside of the United Kingdom.

Does Connex support VAT?

Yes, Connex can map VAT from your selling solution to QuickBooks. On our sales tax mapping page, add a tax mapping for each country where you charge tax.

How does Connex for QuickBooks Online map tax codes?

You must add a tax mapping for 0% tax and the taxable code. The tax code must have one of these names:

  • Out of Scope
  • 0.0% ECS
  • 0.0% ECG
  • 0.0% RC
  • 0.0% Z
  • Zero
  • Z
  • No VAT
  • Exempt

Can I map a specific non-taxable code to a country?

If you map no non-taxable code and the item has no tax, then Connex for QuickBooks Online will look for any non-taxable code and apply the first one it finds.

To map a non-taxable code, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex for QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand orders.
  4. Expand the Sales Tax.
  5. Choose the code from the list, under 'If no tax, apply this code'.
  6. From the drop down, choose the tax mapping for no tax. The name should contain 0% or zero: 
  7. For Taxable orders, click add new code and choose from the tax code list.
  8.  Enter a State and Region, click update
  9. You'll see the new code appear in the Tax Code List. 

Connex for QuickBooks Online will determine whether an order is taxable. If it has tax, Connex for QuickBooks Online uses the taxable code. Otherwise, Connex for QuickBooks Online uses the non-taxable code.


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