Do you support Custom Fields in Shopify?

Currently we support a few custom field types from Shopify

  1. Notes field

    We pass the Notes from Shopify to Connex, where you can use our Order Previewer and Rules Engine to map them according to your needs.
    (Location of Notes in Shopify)

    (Location of Notes in the Order Previewer. Click "Order Fields" and find "Note" in the dropdown list. That will allow the Order Previewer to show them in the view)
  2. Order Tags

    Order tags will be passed as a list to Connex
    (Location of tags in Shopify)

    (Location of tags in the Order Previewer)
  3. ClosedAt

    This field is a date value which indicates when the Shopify order is closed.
    It can be found in the raw data passed from Shopify to Connex (contact your developer to see this information)