Web Connector Troubleshooting

Connex is unable to connect to your QuickBooks.

Steps to enabling the web connector 3.0 sync


Using web connector 3.0, you get error messages saying Connex fails to connect to QuickBooks.


The auto or manual sync fails.


Open QuickBooks

Log into QuickBooks as the user that paired Connex. Open the company file that was paired with Connex. If you have RightNetworks, the server goes into sleep mode and our tool cannot reach QuickBooks. Opening QuickBooks and running a manual sync will help.


Reconnect via Manage Web Apps page

  1. When in QuickBooks, click "Manage Web Apps"
  2. Find the tab at the top called "Connected apps"
  3. If the Connection status does not say "Active",  click "Reconnect" and syncing should resume shortly afterward.
  4. Perform a small manual sync to confirm you are syncing again.

Allow connection through firewall

If you use Windows defender, allow these connections: