General FAQ

Connex General FAQ

This article offers some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from both potential and new customers. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

What versions of QuickBooks does Connex support?

Connex supports all versions (plans) of QuickBooks Online: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. In addition, we support QuickBooks Desktop versions Pro, Premier, and Enterprise - including the Advanced Inventory and Wholesale & Manufacturing modules.

Connex is not compatible with Safari web browser and MAC machines.

Connex is compatible with hosted environments, such as Ace Cloud Hosting, RightNetworks, and QuickBooks-hosted-in-the-Cloud.

 How easy is the setup? Is help available?

Paid subscriptions include a complimentary on-boarding call/screen share to help get everything set up for you.

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How does support work?

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum plans include support ticket assistance Monday thru Friday during business hours. Known and trending issues, scheduled maintenance, and release notes are posted to our software status page.

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How does the sync work? Will my historic data be synced?

Connex is an order syncing tool that syncs your sales to or from QuickBooks via a series of scheduled tasks. For QuickBooks Online customers, this is automatic via API; for QuickBooks Desktop customers, this is triggered via Intuit's Web Connector application. 

As soon as set up is complete, Connex will start syncing new data. The automatic sync can be enabled/disabled at your convenience, giving you the control of how and when you wish to sync. Old (historical) data will not be automatically synced - but it's easy to sync historically, if you wish.

Will orders be synced as soon as they are placed?

No, sadly not. Connex does not operate in real-time. For QuickBooks Online customers, the sync occurs once every two-hours, automatically; with QuickBooks Desktop customers, the fastest we recommend setting the Intuit Web Connector to Auto-Run is once every 30-minutes - especially when the Connex Inventory Sync feature is enabled.

How can I tell if my orders have synced?

Connex features a robust transaction log - a detailed report of all sync activity and the status of each order and inventory update.

If I already have orders in QuickBooks, will they be duplicated?

Nope! Connex features robust duplication prevention logic that checks for transactions that already exist in QuickBooks. If Connex "sees" that an order number already exists in QuickBooks, it will skip it.

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Do you offer month-to-month subscriptions?

No. We only offer annual subscriptions. 

 I am using an automated sales tax solution. Anything I need to do?

Nope! You're good to go. Connex is compatible with services such as Avalara, TaxJar, Taxify, and QuickBooks Online Automated Sales Tax.

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 How does Connex match my existing products?

Important question! Connex matches your existing products in your e-commerce integration or selling channel by match the SKU (stock keeping unit) of a product to the QuickBooks Item Name/Number field. These SKU's must be an exact match. You must have your product catalog and QuickBooks Item List fully built our with matching SKU's prior to getting started with Connex.

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 How does billing/cancellation work?

All renewals are charged automatically. We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day refund guarantee and you may cancel at any time. 

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