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Connex for QuickBooks Help Overview

Welcome to the Connex for QuickBooks Desktop help guide!

This part of our help center is all about how to get started with and how to use Connex Desktop. The navigation on the left-side of this article with help guide you through learning about and getting started with Connex from account creation, setting up, and more - all as efficiently as possible.

New to Connex Desktop?

Start with the Connex for QuickBooks Getting Started Guide to help complete your initial setup, sync your first order, and learn the in's and out's of how Connex works.

The articles contained in the Orders, Customer Matching, Sales Tax, and Product Matching sections provide additional context regarding how everything ties together and relates to QuickBooks.

Using the Left-side Navigation

The left-side of this page provides quick access to view all of the sections within our help center as well as all of the articles within a given section.

The sections Orders through Inventory include the fundamental features all Connex Desktop customers are likely to use. For more advanced features, we offer a powerful automation engine called Rules Engine.

We offer a helpful glossary for definitions of terms we use frequently throughout this help center.

Finally, navigate to the Frequently Asked Questions category to view articles that contain commonly asked questions that aren't otherwise addressed elsewhere. The FAQ's are divided into categories based upon question topic(s).

Search the Help Guide

If you are looking for instructions regarding how to accomplish a specific outcome, use the search bar to search for terms, phrases, or even full questions.

In addition, articles with multiple sections start with a This article contains header to enable and at-a-glance view of what information is contained in the article and allow you to quickly jump to the desired information.

Finally, if you are a QuickBooks Online customer looking to get started with Connex Online, please see our Connex for QuickBooks Online Guide.

Integrations and Troubleshooting Help

For help with one of the available integrations, please visit the Integrations Help Guide. The articles here provide details instructions for how to set up an integration, as well as how it works with Connex. These articles should provide everything you need to know to set up successfully and sync your first order!

However, if you encounter an issue, are missing orders, or find a bug, the Troubleshooting Guide section includes articles on how to resolve potential issues or errors you may come across while using Connex Desktop.


To contact support, please click the Submit a Request button on the help center home landing page to report a bug, issue, or ask a question, If our help center doesn't provide you the answer.

For more details on how Sync with Connex support options work as well as best practices for submitting a ticket, please review our Contacting Connex Support section.

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