Summary Transaction FAQ

How do I sync a summary transaction?

If you have several orders a day, Connex can summarize the last 24-hours of sales and aggregate them into a single sales receipt or invoice as well as create summaries for each store.

Is there a demo?

Here is a demo:

What are the benefits of creating a summary?

There are many benefits:

  1. Save space: Instead of several hundred, you have a handful of orders.
  2. Track inventory: Inventory will decrease. The COGS account for each item is debited and the inventory asset account is debited.
  3. Track Income: The sales account is credited and the undeposited funds are debited.
  4. Easier reconciliation: You will get one invoice per day per sales channel. If you use ShipStation and you have three channels, then you would sync three invoices. Connex for QuickBooks Online will group invoices by the deposit account, so you can track sales by payment method.
  5. Automatic: Our software creates this invoice automatically for you, once a day, every day.  

Does Connex group items?

Yes, Connex will group items by their website SKU. 

How does Connex calculate sales tax on the Summary?

Connex adds a line item called Sales Tax that credits sales tax payable. Connex adds tax as a line item for several reasons:

  • A summary order can contain orders with different tax rates from different states. A QuickBooks tax code only applies a single tax rate.
  • When Connex adds a QuickBooks tax code, Connex must remove tax and recalculate it. Since you want the total tax from for the day, you want a line item.

Here is the sales tax item that Connex creates:

Example Summary Transaction

Here is an example transaction.