Sync orders from CommerceHub to QuickBooks

How do I pair?

Contact CommerceHub and enable FTP support on your account. There is an extra fee. They will supply you with an FTP user name, password, and FTP URL. Log into Connex. Click add new connection and choose CommerceHub. Enter the credentials.

How does it work?

CommerceHub places XML files into an FTP folder. Connex downloads these files, deletes them, and translates them into QuickBooks, and deletes the files.

Can I resync failed orders?

If an order fails to sync, fix the issue. Contact CommerceHub and ask them to requeue the order. Once complete, run your web connector.

How do the fields map?

Here is a field mapping diagram:

CommerceHub QuickBooks Notes
Order Id Order Number Assigned by CommerceHub.
Order Status N/A By default, all orders have a status of complete.
Customer Order Number N/A You can write a rule to map the customer order number as the QuickBooks order number.
Order Date Order Date  
PO Number PO Number  
Payment Method Payment Method  
Shipping Method Shipping Method Added as a line item. Maps to QuickBooks item name.
Selling Channel Name N/A Can be used to write rules.
Billing Address Billing Address Customer name, street address, city, state, zip, and country.
Shipping Address Shipping Address Customer name, street address, city, state, zip, and country.
Vendor SKU Item Name  
Item Description Item Description  
Quantity Quantity  
Unit Price Rate  
Color N/A  
Size N/A  
Purchase Cost N/A