Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor

Connex can sync sales from Channel Advisor to QuickBooks.


You must login to Channel Advisor through Connex. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click add a new connection.
  3. On the add a new connection wizard, select Channel Advisor.
  4. If you are connecting multiple Channel Advisor profiles, change the URL field. Each URL and Channel Advisor connection in a separate connection with its own settings. The field is arbitrary and it can be titled whatever you wish. Click configure.
  5. On the dialog, click continue.
  6. Login to your Channel Advisor account.
  7. Give permission for Connex to access it: 
  8. In the grant access screen, choose an account. If you see no accounts, click log out. Close your browser and start the process again. You must login as the Channel Advisor account administrator. If you are logged in as a non-admin, you will see no accounts found.
  9. Finally, return to Connex and complete the Install Wizard.




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