Can I use WooCommerce custom order statuses?

A guide on how to enable custom statuses

Some fields might be unavailable to map. You must use an older version of the WooCommerce integration to pull orders by custom order status.

You must instruct our software to use the legacy WooCommerce API and contact us with some example sales:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click Add New Connection.
  3. If your URL is for your current WooCommerce connection, enter
  4. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, login to QuickBooks as admin and open the company file. Open the web connector and remove the old WooCommerce connection. Download a new one from Connex and double click it.
  5. Contact us with the screenshots of orders with the custom statuses. We will adjust a setting on your account to allow you to select these statuses.