Getting Started with Rules: Add Multiple Conditions

"And" statements allow you to chain together multiple conditions. If condition 1 and condition 2 are both true, then the rule will execute.

In most scenarios, customers using "And" conditionals are checking multiple fields, and if those values are correct, we will map the field accordingly.

Note: Please use all the same conditionals. If you mismatch conditions (one with AND, and one with OR) this can lead to unusual behavior.

If you have 7 conditions, please make sure they are all set to the same conjunction



Some example cases:

  • If the selling channel is equal to "Amazon", and the payment method is equal to "Visa", map the order deposit account to "Amazon Visa Account"
  • If the shipping method contains "FedEx" and the shipping amount is greater than 0, map shipping method to "FedEx Premium Freight"
  • If the SKU contains "abc" and the description is "blah blah blah" then map the SKU to "abc-blahblahblah"

How do I set up conjunctions?

In this example, we will exclude sales where the store name contains Amazon and the letters CA. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Connex Rules Engine on the left navigation and click "My Rules"
  2. Select "Add New Rule" at the top of the grid
  3. For the Rule Type, select "Map field, based on a condition". This will give you the grid that allows you to choose an action, and multiple conditions to act upon it.
  4. Next, give your rule a name, and choose the action you wish to implement.
  5. Lets use the first use case above, so we are going to be checking if the selling channel is equal to Amazon in the first condition. Click "Add" on the conditions grid, and you should see a popup:
  6. Enter the values you see in the screenshot (Selling Channel, Equals, AND, Amazon) and click "Update".
  7. Click "Add" again, as we have to add a second conditional to this rule. You will see the same popup again, where we will add the condition that says if payment method is "Visa"
  8. In the final step (what should the value be) enter the deposit account "Visa Clearing Account"
  9. Click Submit and you're done!

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