Can I upload a spreadsheet of eBay sales?

eBay only allows us to query sales up to 90 days. Using a spreadsheet, you can map the fields.

How do I download the spreadsheet?


How do fields map?

Here is a guide:

eBay QuickBooks
Order Total Not mapped to any field. Used for display purposes on our order previewer.
Order Number Order number
Reference Number Payment ref. no.
Creation Date Date
Type Order status. Not mapped to any field, but can be used for rules.
Final Value Fee - fixed Merchant fees, which are added as a line item.
LookupCustomLabel Item name and item description
Shipping cost Shipping amount in QuickBooks, added as a line item.
Quantity Quantity
Item subtotal Unit Price
Amount Paid Total Paid
Refunded Retail Sales This field is missing from the spreadsheet. If you add it and enter the total of the refund, then our tool maps a refund in QuickBooks.
Buyer name Customer name