Can I sync products from QuickBooks Desktop?

We recommend adding new products to QuickBooks, then adding stock levels. This workflow ensures you can properly track inventory and COGS. Connex can map products from QuickBooks to Shopify, if the product is missing during the inventory sync.

How do I enable this feature?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Connex Dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings button of the Selling Channel you wish to edit (i.e. Shopify).
  3. Click on the Inventory tab.

  4. Check the first box to enable the sync: 

  5. At the bottom under Sync Products to eCommerce Settings, select 'Create products in my website from QuickBooks, if they are missing.'
  6. Click save.


Can you sync pictures?

Not at this time. This would be a Feature Request. If you would like add this feature, please add, upvote, or follow the feature on our forum.

How do the fields map between QuickBooks and Bigcommerce?

With Bigcommerce, if your QuickBooks custom field name matches a field in Bigcommerce, then our tool with automatically map it. A asterisk is listed on the field, if a custom field can map. Here is a list:

How do the fields map between QuickBooks and Shopify?

There is no way to add a product to a selling channel in Shopify. If you mark the product as inactive, then Shopify will list the product on no channel. Here is a list:

Can I preview the fields, prior to syncing?

For more info, read this guide.