Can I sync orders from QuickBooks to the Salesforce order object?

Add a custom package to make custom fields, then sync orders.

Install package

Install a package to create the custom fields. Salesforce is missing fields where QuickBooks needs to map and the package will create them.

Here are the custom fields that are created:


How do Salesforce accounts and QuickBooks map?

We map the QuickBooks company name to the Salesforce account field. If no company is supplied, then we map the customer name field:

If the account is missing, then Connex will create the account and associate a contact. 

How does Connex check for duplicates?

We match the QuickBooks order number to the QB order number custom field in Salesforce.

Create order

In QuickBooks, create a new sales order or invoice. In the class field, enter Salesforce:


Run your web connector. Here is the end result: