Product Matching Troubleshooting

Can I preview an inventory sync?

In some cases, you want to preview inventory before it syncs. If you adjust your settings, then you want to ensure the stock levels are correct.

How do I turn on the preview?

With the preview activated, inventory remains queued in Connex. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. On the Connex dashboard, scroll down to scheduled tasks.
  3. Delete the inventory task: 
  4. Update some items in QuickBooks. You can adjust stock levels or items or add test to the QuickBooks sales description.
  5. Run the web connector.
  6. On the left, click dashboard.
  7. Expand products.
  8. Click product previewer.
  9. Click submit to preview all products in the queue.

Here is the end result.

To turn on your sync, click dashboard on the left of our configure page. Click manage, next to your connection. Click save.

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