Can I pair multiple QuickBooks Desktop Company Files with Connex Desktop?

Using multiple company files with QuickBooks Desktop

Can I pair multiple QuickBooks Desktop Company Files with Connex Desktop?

When setting up with Connex, it is assumed that only one QuickBooks desktop company file is integrated. However, if you operate more than one business and have a company file for each, it is possible to sync data to each individual file, respectively.

While generally not recommended, in this guide, we will cover how this can be accomplished using two fictitious example companies: Accubow and Promier. In this guide, we want Accubow orders to sync to the Accubow company file (company file A) and Promier orders to sync to the Promier company file (company file B).

How do I get started?

Let's assume that the Accubow (company file A) file is already integrated with Connex Desktop. Therefore, you'll need to begin by pairing the Promier company file the same way as the Accubow file was paired with the Web Connector. To review how to download the required QWC file and pair the Web Connector, please click here.

I see a dialog asking for permission to sync. What do I do?

If you run the Accubow connection and the Promier company file is open, QuickBooks will ask permission to sync orders to Promier. Click no and then click continue and done. Otherwise, the orders will sync to both companies.


I already paired both files. Can I deny access?

Yes - and we recommend doing so, else there is a risk of syncing the same sales to both company files. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks as admin in single-user mode.
  2. Click edit and click preferences.
  3. Click integrated application.
  4. Next to the integration associated with Connex, un-check the box.
  5. Click properties.
  6. Un-check Allow this application to read and modify this company file.