Products Matching

Can I match the product SKU to the QuickBooks SKU?

Connex can search for QuickBooks products by SKU or item name. If you choose SKU, ensure all of your SKUs in QuickBooks match your website SKUs. Your item name should match your product title.

How do I enable this setting?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand products > product matching.
  4. Enable SKU to SKU:

If I enable SKU to SKU, how do fields map?

  1. The product title matches to the QuickBooks item name.
  2. Your website SKU maps to the QuickBooks product SKU field.

What if my QuickBooks item name matches my product title?

Connex will search all QuickBooks products by QuickBooks item name to website product title and QuickBooks SKU to website product SKU. In this example, the name of our product is SyncWithConnexItem2.

  1. There is no product in QuickBooks whose SKU is SyncWithConnexItem2.
  2. Connex creates a new item, but maps SyncWithConnexItem2 to the QuickBooks item name field.
  3. SyncWithConnexItem2 already exists (see image below this paragraph.)
  4. Creating the item fails and the order fails to sync.

How does it work?

  1. If you choose SKU to SKU, then all of your product SKUs in QuickBooks must match your website product SKUs.
  2. Your product SKU cannot match your QuickBooks item name and not your website SKU.
  3. Your shipping methods and discounts have no SKU. Therefore, we will match the QuickBooks item name to these items.
  4. Your products must have unique SKUs. QuickBooks allows you have two products with the same SKU:
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