Match Deposit Tool

Can I match Stripe and Shopify orders using the deposit match tool?

You must map the Stripe charge ID to the order number or memo field

Change order number mapping

In the Stripe payout, there are no Shopify order numbers. This means the Stripe charge ID, such as ch_1Imy0jELPGgWbPzLJ224Z6hJ, must become your new order number. If you sync sales receipts, our deposit tool matches the charge ID to the QuickBooks order number field. You can map the charge to the memo field, but you must switch to next QuickBooks numbering.
Once complete, follow these steps:
  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click rules > my rules.
  3. Click upload and upload this spreadsheet.

If you use invoices and payments, then you can map the Stripe charge ID to the reference number field. Our tool should map this field automatically.

Go to orders and click order previewer. Enter a date and here is what you will see:

Enable mapping the Stripe charge ID

Please contact our support. Ask them to enable QB:PullPaymentsSeparately on your account. The Stripe charge ID will slow down your sync. If you have more than 75 sales to sync, please contact us.